Frequently Asked Questions

How much does our service cost?

It depends on who type of service will be provided:

  • Production of a new track (original or remix) - 350 euros.
  • Sale of a complete ready-made package - 300 euros.
  • Mastering - 50 euros.
  • Help / advice / adjustments of an incomplete product - 100 euros.

What will you send me inside the package?

The complete package consists of the following folders:

  • Complete track - Mp3 320bit / Wave 24bit (Non-mastering / Pre-mastering -6db and Mastering by “Silence Team” files).
  • MIDI of sounds.
  • Radio edit - Mp3 320bit / Wave 24bit.
  • Samples STEMS Wave 24bit (Non-mastering / Pre-mastering -6db and Mastering by "Silence Team" files).
  • Single sounds Wave 24bit
  • INFO TRACK: genre, bpm, key

    How does the package / payment exchange take place?

  • We send you a private link of SOUNDCLOUD.COM for product confirmation.
  • After confirmation, you will be provided with payment information.
  • You must make the payment.
  • After receiving the payment, the package is uploaded to GOOGLE DRIVE and you will be sent the direct download link.
  • The download link will be active for 3 days, after which the package download will be disabled

If I lose the package, can I contact you to recover the lost files?

Yes, you can. We keep all the material.

If I ever need help with the package files after purchase, can I contact again to resolve the difficulties?

Yes, you can. If it comes to small adjustments, the service will be provided for free.

How long does it take for the “Silence Team” to make the product?

Usually the times to make the product range from 2 days to 2 weeks. In general, we try to do everything and ship the complete package within 15 days from the request.