We are team of ghost productions from Italy

The team is made to make a new track or an EP; help with the unfinished track; help with mastering; making remixes.
On the staff we have composers, who have experience of several years in the fields of various musical genres. They will be able to fulfill your requests, studying well what the customer wants.

Our composers create the tracks that are already part of the labels, which are found in the top charts of genres we deal with in beatport.

Our team mainly deals with genres:

  • Melodic Techno;
  • Progressive House;
  • Deep House.

Would love to hear from you.

Contact us to make the track of your dreams. Send us a note with your preferences for making the track.

For any type of query

or if you are interested in some of our services you can contact us
email: info.silenceteam@gmail.com